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Single Family Homes - 50 Sold
• Median Sale Price: $1,300,000
• 39 Sold OVER Asking Price
• 5 Sold UNDER Asking Price
• 6 Sold AT Asking Price
• There are currently 327 Single Family Homes on the market

Condos/Lofts/TICs - 33 Sold
• Median Sale Price: $1,350,000
• 18 Sold OVER Asking Price
• 10 Sold UNDER Asking Price
• 5 Sold AT Asking Price
• There are currently 572 Condos/Lofts/TICs on the market
*Source: San Francisco Association of Realtors®

Quick Note: What Was Said at a Recent HSBC Conference

We thought we would share with you some tidbits we picked up at a recent HSBC conference. HSBC is one of the world's leading multinational banking and financial services companies. It's a British institution with roots in Hong Kong and, to a lesser extent, Shanghai, stretching all the way back to 1866.

Speakers and panelists tended to think that there will be a nice bump in inventory in San Francisco in the coming weeks. They said the folks who stage homes are booked two months out, and that kind of demand typically means a lot of homes are coming on the market. Panelists also believe buyers will return. One panelist suggested that one of the reasons the market slows during the summer months is because of our summer fog. Buyers don't believe the views we boast about exist!

There are in fact fewer Chinese buyers in the market these days. Three years ago, you might have seen three or four families from China a week looking at properties. Now you see one family a month. However, that one family is serious about purchasing a home, and has the funds to do so. Many Asians are now buying in Dublin, San Ramon, and in other parts of the East Bay. But in Lafayette, according to one panelist, two out of every ten buyers is Canadian. Go figure!

HSBC Chief Investment Strategist Jose Rasco said, barring any unforeseen circumstances, growth will pick up globally next year, and in the U.S. somewhere between 2.3 and 2.4 percent. September data will be weak because of the recent hurricanes, but the nation's economy will pick up as cities rebuild.

Mortgage Update: How to Buy Before Selling

Many home owners may not qualify to buy a new property before selling their existing home. There are a few unique loan programs that may solve the two common challenges related to qualifying for the new loan and sourcing the down payment. I have been providing home financing for over 20 years.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need help.

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Condo & Loft: New Listings - By Parking Spaces

We've heard that in the future, more and more condos in San Francisco will be built without parking spaces. Clearly, though, this MLS report suggests that at this time the vast majority of condo and loft listings come with one parking space.

The number of condos for sale without a parking space is about equal to the number of condos for sale with two parking spaces — both well below the number of condos for sale with one parking space. What's more, this has been pretty consistent over the past five years.

Condo & Loft: Median Sales Price - By Parking Spaces

As you would expect, parking spaces appear to drive value in this market. Condos with two parking spaces cost more than condos with one parking space, and condos with one parking space cost more than condos with no parking spaces.

Of course, the number of parking spaces allotted to these condos may very well correlate with the size of the units, and that would certainly be an enormously important factor in pricing as well.

Condo & Loft: Median Days on Market - By Parking Spaces

The median days on market have run a similar course over the last five years, with condos that have no parking spaces occasionally taking longer to sell.

Condo & Loft: Percent of Properties Sold Over List Price - By Parking Spaces

The percents of properties sold over list price have also run close to even over the years for the three condo types. Condos without parking spaces have proven more vulnerable to downward price pressure, but generally the trajectories for these three property types mirror one another.

Neighborhood Spotlight: Excelsior

The Excelsior District is located in the southern part of San Francisco, just south of Interstate 280 and east of San Jose Avenue. In its earlier days, the Excelsior District was predominantly Italian, Irish, and Swiss. During the late 1970s, 80s, and 90s, the Excelsior District, like the Mission District, became predominantly Latino. Today, the neighborhood also has a large Asian community, and it's one of the most ethnically diverse districts in San Francisco.

It is also one of San Francisco's hottest micro real estate markets. A recent report ranked the Excelsior the second hottest neighborhood in San Francisco. Why is it in such demand? Homes are more affordable in the Excelsior.

According to a recent Business Insider feature, the mostly residential neighborhood isn't on the way to anything. You won't find startup offices or trendy restaurants in the Excelsior. In fact, it's one of the last areas in San Francisco without a Starbucks. But all of this could change very quickly, as gentrification takes hold.

In August, the Excelsior saw 31 single family homes and one condo come on the market. That ratio of single family homes to condos for sale seems pretty consistent from one month to the next. The median sales price for a home in the Excelsior in August was $1,150,000, with a price per square foot of $729. That's below San Francisco's median figures — a median sales price of $1,260,000 with a price per square foot of $976.