Our Testimonials

"Marcus is a pleasure to do business with. He is always optimistic and has ideas that are creative and helpful. I would recommend him to everyone who wants to buy or sell a home in San Francisco."

Donna Parker, Owner - Acupuncture and Bye Bye Baby Weight

"As Marcus' collaborative business partner and long time friend, I cannot recommend him more highly. The fact that I had already known him for a decade before joining with him to form our Real Estate Partnership, should speak volumes. But in the intervening 11 years that we have worked together Marcus' diligence, creativeness, integrity, professionalism and charm have not only improved our business but have also truly benefited our clients. I am proud to call him friend, business colleague and brother."

John L. Woodruff III, Realtor & Partner of Woodruff & Miller

“Marcus is a top notch real estate professional. I have the utmost respect, professionally and personally for Marcus. I would recommend him without reservation.”

Stephen K. Lightfoot, Esquire

"Marcus is the consummate professional, and truly understands the meaning of developing long term business relationships. While at Woodruff & Miller, Marcus consistently demonstrates his belief in building long term relationships with partners and clients. I look forward to working with him in the future."

Timothy Bernard Jones, Seed Fund Investor, CEO - Buzzient

"Marcus is just an all-around stellar guy. In the brief six months that I knew and worked with him in a San Francisco networking group, I couldn't help but think of him as a friend and respect him as a businessman. When in his presence, it is immediately apparent that he is highly intelligent, very warm and eager to help you however he can."

Whit Gurley, Owner - Angled End Identity

“Marcus ran such a successful marketing campaign that there were multiple offers for my property in less than 2 weeks of its being offered for sale, especially impressive considering the fact that the market had suddenly softened. “

Trustee Karen Rosenak

“I highly recommend Marcus Miller, who is a very highly skilled negotiator, and clearly demonstrates industry expertise and real estate savvy. You will really enjoy his creative personal touch, engaging style, and great sense of humor.”

Noelle & Eric Mitchell

"I don't know what more we could have asked for from our experience with Marcus Miller. He is professional, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, prompt, and genuinely a good person. Very seldom do you find a professional who actually has your best interests at heart. I would encourage anyone in any stage of house-hunting to give him a call. I cannot recommend him enough."

Andy & Michaele Kruger

“Your attention to detail, helpfulness, knowledge and use of best practices in the market helped us quickly and easily sell our investment properties.”

Russell Bradford

“I have worked closely with Marcus in helping several of our shared clients to successfully find and secure the "Home of their Dreams". He is the utmost Professional and has an innate ability to connect on a human level with his clients. If you are looking for a Realtor for Life, there is no reason to look further!”

Paul Stella, Senior Mortgage Broker

It may be a cliché, but you really do put your clients first. Whether it was negotiating with the bank or the seller, you always had our back. Your guidance helped us save several thousands of dollars in the purchase of our home. You also spent countless hours on the phone with Suzanne and I explaining the twists and turns of buying a short sale. Based on how you handled all the issues that cropped up, we can only imagine how easy it would be to have you as a realtor in a normal situation! What we were most impressed with, was the fact that virtually 100% of the time you were correct in everything from our negotiating strategy to how to structure our offer, to make it appealing to both the banks and the sellers. It became clear very early on that you had the experience and knowledge in dealing with very convoluted real estate transactions. You were very persistent in representing us to the seller’s agent and it was obvious at the end that she was leaning on you for guidance to complete the deal. While we know many realtors, based on this experience of representing us, you will be the only one we recommend to our friends in the future. We can honestly say that without your expertise, we would still be house hunting. This is one time where we should be buying you a bottle of Champaign to celebrate, not the other way around.

Michael & Suzanne Berke

“As a trainer and coach at several Real Estate Brokerages throughout the City, I have met more agents than the average San Franciscan. Marcus stands out most notably with two rare combinations of attributes. The first is that he is both warm and deliberate. He has this ability to masterfully attend to logistics and detail without losing sight of what's most important--personal relationships. The second is how sharp of a communicator he is while being plain spoken. I imagine that his military background helped hone both set of qualities, which can very useful in the competitive market that is San Francisco.”

Bryan Neuberg , Business Coach, Neuberg & Associates

“I have bought and sold many homes with many different realtors; Marcus and his team are the BEST!!! The transaction was totally stress-free for me, which is very different from my previous experiences. They were on top of every detail. They know everyone in the real estate business in SF and they are well respected, it’s amazing how many doors that opens for a buyer in this competitive SF market. I wouldn't use any other agent.”

Dr. Maria Rivero

“I gave the listing to your team after interviewing four additional companies. They walked me through various marketing strategies and recommended one that was wildly successful, securing a sale of 23% over the asking price. That's a major accomplishment.”

Trustee Joseph Giovinco

"Marcus helped us sell our condo in record time and for well over asking. He has an intimate knowledge of the SF real estate market and he positioned our property to really maximize our chances of making a great profit."

Brent & Sara Martyn

“We thought you did such a great job managing that variability (while shielding us from all the ugly details). What a great pleasure to work with you.”

Chuck & Jennifer Fontana

“Marcus' knowledge, professional demeanor, likeable nature and strong work ethic make him a successful and effective realtor.”

Jorge Almaguer , Owner/Broker, AJR Consultants

"Marcus Miller is a dedicated and hard working leader. He is the type of person who will go above and beyond for a colleague, client, or friend simply because its the right thing to do and he cares. Its enjoyable to work with someone who is so open to feedback and always brings a positive attitude.

Alison Mountford, Chef/Owner - Square Meals